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Forest Health

Water Level

Measurement & Tracking
Of Soil Moisture Index

Wildlife Corridor


  • Overall Length
  • Type Of Drone
  • Weight(net Weight Including Battery)
  • Additional Payload Capacity
  • Max Operational Endurance
  • Wind Resistance
  • Max Speed
  • Telemetry & Video Stream Range
  • HDMI Output On The Controller
  • Propeller Type
  • GPS
  • I.O. Function

  • Max Launch Altitude (AMSL)
  • Max operating Altitude
  • Battery Type
  • Protection Class For Drone
  • Operating Temperature Limits
  • BVLOS Drone Control Compatibility
  • Swarm Capability
  • 600 mm
  • Quadcopter
  • 2.4kg
  • 1.5 Kg
  • 60 Minutes
  • 55 Km/Hr
  • 45 Km/Hr
  • 15 Km
  • Yes
  • Foldable
  • PPK/RTK Enabled (Optional)
  • H7 Based Onboard Computer,
    Embedding Capability,
    ETH Data Switch Hub,
    Exterior UART Interface
  • >=5500m
  • >=6500m
  • Swappable Slide And Lock Battery Mechanism
  • IP 53
  • -10°C I 55°C
  • Yes (Optional)
  • Yes (Optional)


Thermal / Visual Camera

Dropping Payloads

Multispectral Camera

Too Loud (Megaphones)

Mapping Camera

Too Bright (High-Power Flash}


Thermal / Visual Camera

Dropping Payloads

Too Loud (Megaphones)

Mapping Camera

Too Bright (High-Power Flash}

Our Solutions & Services
Impact Core Sectors of the Economy.

& Monitoring

Monitoring the activities, movements, and migration of animals to ensure the safety against poaching or natural harm.

GIS Mapping /
Hydrology Survey

2D/3D Mapping of forest areas to monitor the afforestation & deforestation activities and survey of forest hydrology to ensure the right ecological balance for forest life.


Quick detection of fire before major loss of biodiversity and rapid response by dropping fire extinguishing agents from the sky.

& Rescue

Search and Rescue operations for expedition/camping groups and animals in danger.


Dropping of essentials as or when needed such as food for animals in need or supplies for patrolling parties during rescue operations.

Alarming & Announcement

Announcement system for establishing communication with inaccessible areas during emergencies or to scare the poachers/predators.

Action Prevention

Forest surveillance operations to identify, track and take immediate action against any illegal activities in the forest like poaching and logging.


Airborne seeding for dispersing seed balls from the air to the targeted plantation areas to the inaccessible areas to upraise afforestation activities.

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