Conquering the toughest of terrains and weather

Day and night
surveillance system

Vehicle/ person
detection and tracking

Surveillance and

Traffic monitoring and
crowd control

Real time information
transfer through secured


Absolutely, you've summarized it perfectly. The phrase captures theessence
of forward-thinking and proactive behavior.

Overall Length600 mm
UAV TypeQuadcopter
Max Takeoff Weight Capacity3.9 Kg
Ideal Flight Time(Varies with different payloads & flight conditions)55 minutes*
Wind Resistance45 Km/h
Max Speed45 Km/hElectronically Controlled
Telemetry Range(Instrumental Range)2.5 Km (Line of Sight)
Port types on ControllerUSB Port A Type x1
I.O. FunctionH7 Based Onboard Computer, Embedding Capability, ETH Data Switch Hub, Exterior UART Interface
Battery TypeOperating Temperature Limits
Battery TypeLi-Po Solid State Slide & Lock Batter
Operating Temperature Limits-10ºC | 55ºC