Pix4D declaration of use

Pix4D Educational Licenses

Complete the form to declare that:

  1. Pix4D Educational licenses* will not be used for any commercial purposes and will only be used for Scientific research and/or Educational (teaching) use
  2. Pix4D and Pix4D Educational licences will be cited in publications and papers. Suggestions for citations are as follows “Processing was performed using Pix4D [type of license] software (Pix4D SA, Switzerland)"
  3. I will keep Pix4D updated about the usage of Pix4D Educational licenses upon request through direct communication or through my institution;
  4. As a Pix4D Educational license holder, I agree to share datasets, use cases and/or publications with Pix4D, to be used for research and marketing purposes.

This will be a collaborative effort between myself and Pix4D to promote the research or teaching projects to the larger Pix4D community.

* Pix4D Educational Licenses refer to the following products:

  • PIX4Dmapper Professor
  • PIX4Dmapper Classroom
  • PIX4Dfields Educational
  • PIX4Dcloud Educational
  • PIX4Dsurvey Educational
  • PIX4Dmatic Educational

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