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Topographic SURVEY

Topographic maps can be created based on information that drones collect and images that are captured which makes it easy to do surveys & management.

Terrain Analysis

The aerial images obtained from non-matrix digital compact camera payload on UAV are processed photogrammetrically to produce terrain analysis.

3D Mapping

Imagery captured by drones using laser scanning, aerial photogrammetry techniques, and photogrammetry software which provides a realistic view of a site.

Centimeter Level Accuracy

Get below 5cm level GSD accuracy using our PPK/RTK enabled systems. The higher the number of pixels per centimeter, the greater the relative accuracy of your map.

RTK / PPK Data Capturing

Our RTK & PPK enabled drone will get you clear & correct GPS data with the highest level of accuracy to add a layer of reliability to the survey. It’s faster, safer, & highly cost-effective.


  • Overall Length
  • Type Of Drone
  • Weight(net Weight Including Battery)
  • Additional Payload Capacity
  • Max Operational Endurance
  • Wind Resistance
  • Max Speed
  • Telemetry & Video Stream Range
  • HDMI Output On The Controller
  • Propeller Type
  • GPS
  • I.O. Function

  • Max Launch Altitude (AMSL)
  • Max operating Altitude
  • Battery Type
  • Protection Class For Drone
  • Operating Temperature Limits
  • BVLOS Drone Control Compatibility
  • Swarm Capability
  • 600 mm
  • Quadcopter
  • 2.4kg
  • 1.5 Kg
  • 60 Minutes
  • 55 Km/Hr
  • 45 Km/Hr
  • 15 Km
  • Yes
  • Foldable
  • PPK/RTK Enabled (Optional)
  • H7 Based Onboard Computer,
    Embedding Capability,
    ETH Data Switch Hub,
    Exterior UART Interface
  • >=5500m
  • >=6500m
  • Swappable Slide And Lock Battery Mechanism
  • IP 53
  • -10°C I 55°C
  • Yes (Optional)
  • Yes (Optional)


Radiometric Thermal Camera


Multispectral Camera


Cinemap II


Radiometric Thermal Camera


Multispectral Camera


Cinemap II

Our Solutions & Services
Impact Core Sectors of the Economy

Solar Power

We provide comprehensive drone-based solar module inspection, IR imaging, aerial thermography (thermal inspection), visual inspection, PV module inspection, IV curve inspection, hotspot detection, solar plant surveys, drone-based module cleaning, pre-commissioning topographic survey, solar plant progress monitoring, and solar array monitoring.

Power T&D

Our services include transmission tower inspection, power and utility inspection, power and gas line inspection, distribution line inspection, aerial thermography, transmission line surveys, transmission line thermal inspection, substation and switchyard inspection, unauthorised construction and vegetation analysis and drone power theft detection.

Roads & Highways

Our services include highway survey, highway inspection, highway videography, highway mapping, highway topography, greenfield survey, route survey, aerial mapping of highways, AI analysis, highway construction progress monitoring.

Rail road and Metro

Indo Wings provides large-scale track surveys for railroads and metros, topographic surveys, aerial photography, geotagging and condition monitoring of objects, aerial monitoring of construction progress, aerial LiDAR surveys, videography for railroads and metros, mapping of stations, metro depots and sheds, planning of stations and depots, and monitoring of construction progress.

General Insurance

We provide data collection and analysis for claims inspection, risk engineering, aerial disaster assessment, asset condition monitoring, damage inspection, drone-based FNOL, site assessments and aerial inspections. In addition, we provide drone services for change detection and on-demand drone inspections of industrial facilities.

Thermal Power

Thermal power plants are among the most heavily used industrial facilities. Indowings provides drones for easier, safer and faster visual and thermal inspection of power plants. Our drones inspect boilers, tanks, pipes, cooling towers, pools, flare shafts, fluid cracking equipment and other facilities without disrupting ongoing operations.

Oil & Gas

We provide drone-based plant and pipeline inspection and monitoring, route surveys for oil and gas pipelines, thermal and visual plant and pipeline inspections, pipeline surveillance and aerial drone-based videography for change detection. We perform aerial topographic surveys for greenfield projects. We also provide real-time drone monitoring of construction progress monitoring and sensor-based leakage and safety inspections.


We provide drone-based visual and thermal inspections of chimneys, flares, flu canisters, storage yards, pipelines and similar equipment, as well as the entire facility. We provide drone monitoring of construction progress and aerial videography for greenfield and greenfield expansions. In addition, we offer drones for perimeter surveillance or specific facility area monitoring and safety audits.

Manufacturing Plant

We offer drone-based visual and thermal inspections of chimneys, flare stacks, flu cans, stock yards, pipelines and similar assets and even the entire plant. We conduct drone-based progress monitoring and aerial videography services for greenfield and brownfield expansions. We also offer drones for perimeter surveillance or surveillance of specific plant areas and for safety audits.

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